Dog Message


To My Human, the Most Amazingest and Good-Smelling of All the Humans in the Whole World,

Before now, I have been able to tell you everything I needed to by wagging my tail, letting my tongue hang out to one side, or wiggling my eyebrows – for example, while you are eating some cheese.

But this calls for something different. You see, I know you’ve been worrying about which Human Friend (also known as a dog walker) should walk me when you’re not at home (I am an expert on human things). But do not worry! That’s why I am writing you this letter – I have the 100% right answer: I should be walked by AGNES & PAVEL.

My choice is based on research that I carried out myself, starting with a high-level nap. After the nap, I ate every stray sandwich I could find. I inspected every tree, bin, bench and lamppost. I sniffed every bottom, and fetched every ball, including ones that hadn’t been thrown for me. 


Dog Interview

Then I interviewed every dog in the park. Everyone agreed that Agnes & Pavel understand the dogs in their pack and make them feel as happy as if they were eating a giant piece of cheese. Which is all you really need to know. Although, because you are human, you will probably also like to know that Agnes & Pavel have loads of experience in dog walking services, and are licensed by the Royal Parks.

Finding out about Agnes & Pavel’s pack made me want to play with them more than ever. I know it can be hard to trust other humans to look after me, but Agnes & Pavel are reliable and kind. While I was in the ball-fetching stage of my research I overheard what humans say about them, and it was all REALLY good, apart from, ‘Leave that! Stop it! That’s NOT FOR YOU!’

Plus, Agnes & Pavel’s tummy rubs get an average review of 5 stars.

Don't Know

If for some reason you aren’t sure (WHY wouldn’t you be sure? Did you not read about how I ate all the sandwiches?) then you can read my super-special dog walking services RESEARCH for yourself. It’s very scientific. According to dog science.

OK. I need to go and keep watch for anything that looks or smells or sounds or moves like cheese.

Yummy sloppy kisses,

Your Loyal Dog Friend Who Thinks You Are Amazing and Cannot Wait to Smell your Feet xxxxxxxx

Agnes & Pavel dog walker badges

"I don't know how I would cope without Agnes & Pawel, undoubtedly THE BEST DOG WALKERS IN LONDON. They are always on time, no hassle, no drama, kind, reliable, honest, good people who love dogs and who look after my dog like he is their own. They are also dog owners, who welcome dogs into their home for boarding - my dog is like part of their family when he goes to stay, which he does often. He has also been much better behaved since walking with them and they taught him how to catch a frisbee and bring back a ball (which i always thought was impossible)! I could not recommend them more highly, they are brilliant people and amazing at what they do. Lucky you if they take your dog to be part of their team of lovely dogs."

5 star dog walker
Penny, Human of Watson

“Agnes & Pavel are wonderful. They have been walking my dog Humphrey for years and quite simply have become part of the family. I love how much they truly adore and love all the dogs they walk – they look after them with 100% of their hearts and I feel so secure knowing my dog is totally safe in their hands but also he is always ecstatically happy when he is with them, he absolutely adores them! Agnes & Pavel are the most reliable, caring, kind, couple you could hope to meet and I am so happy they look after Humphrey – I recommend them absolutely wholeheartedly!”

5 star dog walker

Amy, Human of Humphrey

“Agnes & Pavel are by far the best dog walkers out there. They have been taking care of our precious Allumette since she was a puppy and treat her as their own. They are loving, caring, and make sure that all their dogs are properly exercised in all safety. Allumette absolutely loves them and gets along very well with the other dogs from the pack. Agnes & Pavel also look after her when we go on holidays, which allows us to properly enjoy our breaks, knowing that our little treasure is in good hands. They are entirely trustworthy, always reliable, and have had the keys to our flat for years. They go the extra mile for their dogs and have become part of the family”

5 star dog walker
Clementine, Human of Allumette

“Agnes & Pavel are the best! They have been walking Ruby for nearly two years now and it has been nothing but a positive experience for both us and our dog. Ruby always returns home happy and tired after her walks with Agnes & Pavel. She wakes up in the morning and rushes to the door waiting for her favourite time of day, her walk with her doggy friends in Hyde Park! The most amazing thing is when I take her to the park myself she always manages to find Agnes & Pavel just to go say hi to them! It's very cute and makes me realise just what a good time she has on her walks. As a dog owner this is all I could ask ? Agnes & Pavel are true dog lovers and take their job seriously. They are a pleasure to work with and I look forward to many more years of walks for our beloved Ruby.”

5 star dog walker

Victoria, human of Ruby

“Agnes & Pavel have become part of our family! They have cared for both of our dogs for 5 years now … everything from daily walks for our young Retriever to week long stays in our home also caring for our 15 year old Pug. They make sure that Bodhi comes home each day happy, and oh so tired ? going out of their way to ensure that he is safe and well exercised every day. Pavel has also done wonders with training Bodhi to stop pulling on the lead!! Always respectful and trustworthy in our home, it is a pleasure to greet them each morning!!!!! Best dog walkers we have EVER had!”

5 star dog walker

Nicole, Human of Bodhi

“Agnes & Pavel have been walking my English Setter, Millie, for the past 10 years! If that doesn’t say enough then I wish Millie could write this … all I know is that I have a dog that patiently waits on time by the door for that familiar sound of the key in the lock and suddenly she is all ‘smiles’! (I think everyone can recognise when their dog ‘smiles’! … and Millie surely does!) Not only has my life changed with a happier dog … my lovely dog has become a content canine who enjoys her social and active park outings but most importantly her long lazy sleeps when she gets home! I Have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Agnes & Pavel! Their relationship with all their dogs is incredibly special and their professionalism, reliability and trustworthiness is exemplary!”

5 star dog walker

Lisa, Human of Millie

"I could not recommend Agnes & Pavel more highly. They are 100% reliable in terms of service - they pick up and drop off on time and have never once let me down or cancelled a walk. They are also incredibly accommodating with last minute requests to walk Peanut or for her to join an extra walk where I'm stuck working late. However, even more important than their 100% reliability is how well they look after Peanut. Agnes & Pavel genuinely love dogs and that comes through in their treatment of the pets they walk. You'll get lots of photos from your dog's walk each day and Agnes has often gone above and beyond for us - for example, popping in to check on Peanut - despite her very busy day - when Peanut hasn't been well. Honestly, it's hard to imagine a better service or finding better dog walkers."

5 star dog walker
Kate, Human of Peanut

“Agnes & Pavel are part of our extended family and our dog Sunny wouldn’t be the happy, confident, and loving dog that he is now without them! Sunny bounds to them when he sees them in the park, and comes back from a holiday at their house with the same energy and sweetness that he left with. They both go beyond the call of duty for the dogs in their care and we would trust them with any challenge.”

5 star dog walker
Camilla, Human of Sunny

“My dog Pippa has been walking with Agnes & Pavel for 6 month now. A friend at the park recommended them, as she was very happy with how her dog got on with Agnes, Pavel and their pack. I am so pleased with Agnes & Pavel. Pippa absolutely loves them. Prior to walking with them, Pippa was very frightened of larger dogs. So much so that she would run and cry when one came near. Now, she happily plays and socialises with dogs of all sizes! A bonus is that after her walks she is nice and tired and settles down for a healthy long nap. I highly recommend Agnes & Pavel, they love the dogs and understand each one individually. They are incredibly professional and playful at the same time”

5 star dog walker

Sian, Human of Pippa

“Our full size Goldendoodle, Alfie is a very happy, fit and friendly dog. I can truly say that a lot of this is due to the kindness, care and commitment that Agnes & Pavel give Alfie. Whether it’s raining or sunny we can always count on them to walk Alfie everyday. And clearly he loves his time each day he’s picked up and his lovely dog friends he has meet through them. They’re great-highly recommend without hesitation!!!!”

5 star dog walker
Cathy, Human of Alfie

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